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Teen Mom Season 3 Reunion Recap, Part 2

This season of Teen Mom was too hot to handle! And when we say “hot,” we mean that it was a huge, hot mess.

In between the breakups, the makeups, the fashion crimes, and the actual crimes, we hardly knew whether to laugh, cry or hyperventilate into a bag.

Luckily the Teen Mom gang is back at it for part 2 of a reunion special with Dr. Drew!


Teen Mom Season 3 Reunion Recap, Part 2
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During last week’s reunion special, Amber left the stage in a fit of tears after Dr. Drew brought up the tragic death of her little sister.

This week, Dr. Drew’s interns managed to drag Amber back in the spotlight and the doc took the opportunity to bring up her domestic abuse charges. Again.

Way to end the segment on a high note, Drew. We’re pretty sure Amber is going to go home and bury her depression in a super-size Slurpee and a bucket of Cheetos.

Catelynn and Tyler might be Teen Mom’s cutest couple, but they aren’t without their problems.

As we all know, these two had a huge blowout when Ty wanted to bust out his inner dancing queen and go clubbing, and then he broke Catelynn’s heart when he revealed that he thinks about other women. Sigh, guess he’s not the perfect man after all!

Luckily, Catelynn has learned to acccept Tyler checking out the junk in other ladies’ trunks, so their relationship is stronger than ever! Does anyone else think these two are twice as smart as Doctor Drew? It’s like they’re their own therapists!

Things go from good to adorable when Catelynn’s mom, April, comes on stage. Seriously, it’s like the Brady Bunch up in this joint. Everyone’s hugging, kissing and dropping the L-word — but something’s missing ....

Where is Butch and his trucker hat?

Oh right, jail. Why, you ask? Because he couldn’t keep his hands off April and they got caught in the act. Thank goodness for conjugal visits!


Teen Mom Season 3 Reunion Recap, Part 2
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Maci’s looking like a red-hot blond-bombshell, but is it just us, or does girlfriend seem depressed? Maybe Maci’s annoyed that everyone thinks she’s secretly in love with her baby daddy, but we think it’s her giant weave that’s weighing her down.

As we already know, Maci is itching to preggo her eggo, round 2, but when her boyfriend, Kyle King, comes on stage, he and Dr. Drew basically tell her she’s bat cray-cray.

Sure, 19is young to pop out another baber, but Maci insists that she’s a 30-year-old living in a teenager’s body.

Luckily, Maci promises not to get knocked up until she’s married, but will Kyle make an honest woman out of her? Probably not. Kyle’s main concern is Bentley, and he tells Dr. Drew that he wants to stay in Bentley’s life even if he and Maci break up.

Let’s hope that dreaded day never comes (Kyle + Maci 4 Eva!), because Maci says she won’t allow Kyle around Bentley if they head to Splitsville Station!

Teen Mom Season 3 Reunion Recap, Part 2
Credit: MTV    

When Ryan comes on stage, we learn that his relationship with Maci has majorly improved since the good ol’ days of him calling her a crazy biatch. In fact, they’re getting along so well that Ryan even admits all he wants is for Maci and Bentley to be happy. Awwww!

Not only does Ryan gush about Maci, he practically drools over how much he loves Kyle. Sure they’ve had their probs (like the time Ryan thought Kyle was “slow”), but at this point we’re seriously worried that Ry is trying to steal K Squared away from his woman. Watch out your back, Maci!

The Teen Mom special ends on a high note when all the babies come out for play time, and Catelynn and Ty-Ty reveal their plans to get married on July 15 of “some year.”

Can’t wait to get the e-vite in our inboxes!

10.5.2011 / 07:39 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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