Maci Bookout Brought to Tears By Her Own Poetry
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Maci Bookout

Maci Bookout Brought to Tears By Her Own Poetry

In case you aren't aware, Maci Bookout is a poetic genius. This Tennessee native has been putting pen to paper since her formative years as a starlet on 16 and Pregnant, and she's even working on a degree in creative writing! Sadly, Maci isn't one to share her rhyming couplets with fans, and we've often wondered what she muses about in her journal. Well, looks like we finally have our answer, y'all.

Shockingly, Maci's poems aren't about her love for dirt bikes and ginger hair extensions — they're completely focused on her adorable son, Bentley!

"When i go back & read the poetry that i wrote and still write to/for bentley i literally cry…" Maci tweeted on October 10. "Ahh i was blessed with the most amazing son."

Pics or it didn't happen, Maci. We'd love to read this gal's odes to her little man and shed some happy tears with her! And by the way, can we please talk about how sweet it is that she writes Benny poetry in the first place? Move over Shakespeare, because you have just been rendered completely irrelevant.

Bentley is one lucky kid, and one day he'll be able to read his mom's poetry and know just how much she loves him. Sob! Do you write poetry, Teen Mom-ers? Feel free to pen a musing or two in the comments. We'll get started with the following haiku:

Heart Maci Bookout

Teen Mom is our BFF

That's all, k thanks bye

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