Kailyn Lowry Wants More Kids After She Gets Her Bachelor’s Degree
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Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry Wants More Kids After She Gets Her Bachelor’s Degree

Kailyn Lowry has so many skills — and we aren't just talking about her ability to grow a flawless head of hair. This Teen Mom 2 star is smart, witty, and completely gorgeous, but girlfriend's best asset? Her knack for having ridiculously beautiful children.

Kailyn is the proud mother of two sons named Isaac and Lincoln, and both these boys are pretty much flawless. Not to mention adorable, sweet, and perfect in every way. In fact, these little darlings are basically a gift from the Teen Mom Gods, and we're dying to know if Kailyn and her husband, Javi Marroquin, are planning to have more kids!

The short answer? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

Sure, Kailyn is still recovering from her last pregnancy, and yes she's all about losing her baby weight and fitting into her skinny jeans, but more kids definitely aren't out of the question. Want proof? When a fan asked Kailyn if she and Javi want another child, she said, "Yeah, I think so. Wana get my bachelor's degree first."

Sigh, Kailyn is so motivated. And as much as we want her to have more children for us to coo over, it's definitely a good idea for her to finish her bachelor's degree and set a good educational example for her children.

Kailyn initially announced her plans to get a degree back in April, tweeting, "Going back to school for my bachelor's. #dundundun." Of course, she already has a partial bachelor's degree in social work, but judging from a followup tweet ("Can't do s— with what I have so I'm goin back!") we're thinking she's changing her major.

Don't forget, Kailyn has a book hitting the stands soon, so for all we know she could pull a Maci Bookout and get a degree in Creative Writing!