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Like most reality TV shows, 16 and Pregnant is a dish best served hot n' steamy (with a side of pickles), and we can't wait to dig in!

Meet Sabrina Solares, a pom-pom twirling high school cheerleader from Tennessee, whose world gets turned upside down when she finds out she's pregnant!

Luckily, Sabrina has a supportive baby daddy and a loving family, but that doesn't mean she won't bring the dramz ....

Going Back to Cali, Cali

Like most high school girls, Sabrina is boy crazy –– which might explain how she got knocked up by her boyfriend, Iman.

The catch? Iman lives in California, and Sabrina lives all the way in Tennessee with her super-supportive family (including her sister, Rebecca), who are thrilled about the impending arrival of le bebe!

So, what about Iman? This dude has every intention of being around for his daughter's life, and he promises Sabrina that he'll save enough money to buy a ticket and move to the dirty south.

Yeah, we've heard that one before....

While Sabrina waits for her man to show up, she gets some last minute baby shopping done with her mom and sister (breast pads? Check!), and they have an emotional, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-style bonding session. Awww, Rebecca is the best sista-friend ever!

Meanwhile, Sabrina has big plans to finish her senior year so she can graduate with her class, but she can't do it without Iman's help. Sigh, can't he just hitchhike across the country? It's called opposable thumbs, bro.  

Crisis Averted

Poor Sabrina is so stressed about Iman that she can barely concentrate on baby preparations. Luckily, he buys a ticket and promises to arrive within a week –– but Sabrina gets an unwelcome surprise: She has preeclampsia!

Preeclampsia is a life-threatening blood pressure condition, which is so dangerous that Sabrina's contractions have to be induced right away. After 13 hours of painful labor and copious amounts of tears (sob, where you at, Iman?), Sabrina delivers her gorgeous Baby Audrey, only to have her whisked away on a cart because she isn't breathing!

Cue panic attack, tears, heart palpitations, and fainting spells.

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Luckily, Baby Audrey is ok –– but she does have a slight infection, which means she has to stay  in the hospital for a few days to be monitored.

Sigh, this is one of those moments where we wonder if we're emotionally equipped to watch this show.


So how could this episode get even more dramatic? Turns out Iman lied about having his ticket and has yet to buy one despite the fact that his daughter is already at home.

Our emotions! Thank goodness Sabrina has her sister to lend a helping hand, but don't count Iman out yet. He has a secretive plan up his sleeves!

That's right, boyfriend finally remembers that his love child is wandering around the south, and decides to get on a plane and surprise Sabrina and Audrey. Awww, did you see that passionate reunion?

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Now that Iman's in the picture, Sabrina finally has someone to help her with Audrey, and we have to say –– he's a fabulous dad!

He's willing to change diapers, feed his baby, and take on childcare while Sabrina goes to school –– but not everyone is thrilled about his arrival.

Rebecca's jealous of Iman, and decides to unenroll from school and move into her mom's house, which causes Sabrina to have a complete emotional breakdown.

Uh oh, will this gal survive without her bestie by her side? That's a question that only Teen Mom 3 can answer. Hint hint, MTV!

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