Credit: Twitter Photo: It's Nikkole Paulun!

Nikkole Paulun of 16 and Pregnant has decided to bless Instagram with the latest on her growing baby bump — complete with the progress of her unborn baby!

That’s right kiddos! After toughening up from the previous haterade Nikkole received for her first baby bump pic, the Michigan-born mama has decided to grace us all with an update photo:

“13 weeks & 2 days! Baby's heartbeat is 162 and is the size of a lemon!” she Instagrammed.

Credit: Instagram Photo: 16 and Pregnant's Nikkole Paulun Instragrams Baby Update!

The size of a lemon? That’s really interesting... 

As you all know this is Nikkole’s second baby. Her first, Lyle Thomas Drummonds, was with her ex-fiancé/baby daddy Josh Drummonds. This new baby’s father is ex-boyfriend Mike Sidone, who apparently isn’t involved, nor does he want to have anything to do Nikkole or the baby. He claims that Nik’s unborn child isn’t his, and quite frankly Nik can care less about what he says. 

“He's gonna be sick when he gets to see his baby once a month and pays me child support :)” she said. Way to tell him off, Nikkole! 

While things in Nikkole’s life aren’t perfect at the moment, we do wish the Teen Mom a safe and happy pregnancy. 

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