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Time to check in on 16 and Pregnant's resident hot momma, Jordan Howard!

During her emotional episode, Jordan and her boyfriend, Tyler, struggled because her mom, Kelly, didn't approve of her dating a white guy. Yikes!

Kelly definitely doesn't appear very supportive (to say the least), but Jordan has recently come to her defense, saying "We all know MTV loves the drama. My mom is not racist. SHE IS MIXED LOL."

Kelly better get on board, because Tyler and Jordan are engaged to be married! Jordan plans to move out of her mom's house by July, and then she and Tyler want to settle down in New York City.

"Ty and I wanna move to 'THE BIG APPLE,'" Jordan tweeted on April 21.

Sounds like these two have big hopes for their future, but for now Jordan's taking it one day at a time — starting with her dream job.

"I wanna be an orthodontist," she tweeted. "I will fullfill my dream and end with a successful story<3"

Of course, before she becomes an orthodontist, Jordan has to get through the biggest night of her life: prom!

This gal's beyond excited about getting dolled up for the occasion, and we can't wait to see pictures of her and Tyler on Twitter!  

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