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At the end of her 16 and Pregnant episode, Katie Yeager was balancing online courses with taking care of her baby — and to top it off she was president of the Lonely Hearts Club!

Has life improved since then? You betcha!

"We're stuck in Wyoming still," Katie revealed on MTV's After Show. "My independence is what I've sacrificed the most."

There's no doubt that this gal has it rough, but Katie still goes to college full-time, and she and Joey are engaged and happier than ever!

"We love eachother very much:-)" Katie tweeted on March 28. "we are just taking it day by day."

Joey still works at the mines, which means Katie spends a lot of time alone, but they moved into a bigger house so Molli has room to stretch her little legs.

Now, Katie's concentrating on giving Molli the best life she can, which means letting other people help her.

"I hate asking for help because it makes me feel helpless," Katie said. "Joey's the only one that I ever let in, and I'm starting to get to the point where I'll let other people in, but not always."

There's no shame in asking for help, and luckily Katie has a loving family who will always be there for her!

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