Credit: Instagram

Pregnant co-star, Ashley Salazar, has an equally big announcement! Girlfriend has baby fever, and she can't wait to pop out another bundle of joy with her boyfriend, Justin.
"Seeing all of my co-stars getting pregnant again gives me baby fever," Ashley posted on Sulia. "I have had it for a whole but I'm totally still on birth control and it hasn't failed me at all."

Ashley and Justin got pregnant after their first time having sex, and ended up choosing adoption for their daughter, Callie — who currently lives with Ashley's aunt and uncle. Justin and Ashley are still dating, but having another baby is bringing up a lot of mixed emotions.

"We both know it isn't the right time and want to be financially stable," she explains. "Plus we would feel bad for Callie if we had another child. But if some freak accident were to happen, we would definitely keep our baby."

Do you think Ashley and Justin should follow in Jenelle's Ugg-shaped footsteps and try for another baby? After all, they're a far cry from sixteen years young!