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Danielle Cunningham is pregnant with baby no. 2 (OMG, the stork just can't get enough of this gal), and the time has come to pick out names! Danielle is looking for an unusual moniker that starts with a J (sorry, Jace is taken!), and she's rounded up her faves. That's right, Danielle needs your help!

So far, she likes Jadalynn and Jaylee for a girl, and Jaymion and Jayden for a boy. All four names are absolutely fabulous, but there's unusual and then there's just plain weird. Do any of these names stick out as winners or losers? Hit the poll and help Danielle pick a name for her future kiddo!

Our faves? Jayden for a boy and Jaylee for a girl! Or Danielle could just name the kid Jenelle Evans II.

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