Credit: Twitter

Did you guys hear the news? Danielle Cunningham from 16 and Pregnant Season 3 is expecting! That's right, y'all. The Ohio native and mom to 2-year-old Jamie Jr. — named after her baby daddy, natch — is baking another bun in her oven. And this time it's a girl!

Danielle has been updating fans on Twitter since the beginning of her pregnancy, which she announced back in November. But today came the news we've been looking forward to most.

"Well guys I just left my Drs appointment and I finally know what I'm having! ITS A GIRL!!!" Danielle shared on Sulia.

Keeping in the J theme, the 19-year-old mama-to-be is debating between the names Jadalynn and Jaylee. Both equally cute and creative!

Danielle's bundle of joy won't arrive until July, so she's still got some time to decide. In the meantime, help her out by sharing your thoughts below!