Credit: Twitter

We already know that 16 and Pregnant star Danielle Cunningham is expected baby no. 2 and her future tot is going to be a little girl named Jayleigh. But Danielle wants her fans’ help in picking out this little lady’s middle name.

Today on Sulia, the starlet wrote, “Okay so im having a girl and i plan on naming her Jayleigh, i did want to do Jayleigh Danielle but then again i think i wanna do something more original. I wanted her to have Danielle as her middle name because Danielle is my middle name and Jr has his dads middle name.”

But Danielle isn’t sold on giving her daughter her name. She’s also interested in the names Ray and Eliza for this little one.

What do you think? Should Jayleigh’s middle name be Danielle, Ray, or Eliza? Tell us your thoughts below!