Credit: Twitter

There’s nothing more special than the miracle of life, and Teen Mom fans get a front row see each week on various installments of our favorite show.

Now 16 and Pregnant’s Danielle Cunningham is getting ready to welcome baby no. 2, and she wants to share her happiness with the online world.

Danielle is a little more than four months pregnant, and she’s taken her ultrasound to a whole new level, sharing the video on YouTube.

“The video is only 4 seconds long but its sooo cool that i have live footage of my daughter Jaylee in my stomach! <3 and i wanna share her with you guys!” Danielle wrote on her Sulia page.

We’re so happy that Danielle chooses to share these intimate details of her pregnancy with her fans. Plus, the Teen Mom is also penning her own memoir coming soon to a retailer near you!

Are you interested in Danielle’s pregnancy or is this ultrasound video an overshare? Tell us below!