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Danielle Cunningham is following in the Ugg-shaped footsteps of her fellow 16 and Pregnant stars Farrah Abraham, Ashley Salazar and Kailyn Lowry! You guessed it — girlfriend wants to write a memoir about her life experiences, because why not? In fact, maybe she should start making spicey Italian sauce while she's at it.

"I have always wanted to write a book about my life regarding my addiction with drugs, the struggles of being a Teen Mom with TWO children, the struggles i face growing up as a child," Danielle writes on Sulia. "i just want to share my story with everyone and show everyone that everyone hits their low point but only YOU can change how your life turns out."

OMG, we already feel so inspired by Danielle's sordid tale of life, love, ovaries, and placentas. And with any luck, her debut memoir will be just as popular as Farrah's smash hit My Teenage Dream Ended!

Would you read Danielle's book? Girlfriend definitely has a way with words — her Sulia posts are top-notch! Of course, the only way we'll even consider buying this thing is if it comes with an accompanying album, obvs.

Source: Sulia