Credit: Twitter

Being a woman is hard, y'all. Just ask everyone's favorite cage fighter, 16 and Pregnant star Lindsey Harrison, who is currently undergoing treatment for ruptured ovarian cysts. Ouch!

The Reno, Nevada native and mom to baby Aniyah tweeted about her condition on Feb. 21, telling fans the pain is comparable to giving birth. Initially, Lindsey assumed her appendix had burst, so she hightailed it to the hospital. Thankfully she got there just in time to fix the ruptured cysts without invasive surgery.

"It was huge," she said. "Almost had surgery thank god I came in time."

Doctors sent Lindsey home with some Vicodin, but she's still in significant pain. Even worse? This seems to be a recurring thing for the teen mom. "Why do I always get these ?!!!" she lamented.

Poor thing! Please send Lindsey your prayers and well wishes on a swift recovery.