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Ladies and babies, please grab the nearest cupcake and inhale it. Rumored Teen Mom 3 to-be Mackenzie Douthit's birthday is upon us, and celebration is mandatory.

Mackenzie turns 18 on October 17, and she's celebrating her big moment in the best way ever — by partying all week with her loved ones! So far, Mackenzie has enjoyed several sugar-free delicacies (she's diabetic), hung out with her grandma, and — of course! — with her baby, Gannon, and her boyfriend, Josh!

"Came to joshes and his mom had me Chinese made, and a sugar free chocolate cake with sugar free icing ;)" Mackenzie tweeted the night before her birthday. "#birthdaymeal #loveher."

So what does Mackenzie have planned for her big day? Girlfriend has all region cheer tryouts (yikes!), so fingers crossed that the birthday angels have her back. "Ready to show them what the birthday girl has," Mackenzie tweeted. "Praying that my blood sugars stay normal."

Hopefully MTV's cameras will capture this gal's big day so we can check it out when Teen Mom 3 debuts!

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