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Time to buy some tickets to the gun show, ladies, because Mackenzie Douthit is putting on quite the performance. This Teen Mom 3 (to be!) is known for her amazingly buff body, but her arms are taking things to a whole new level.

Check out those biceps … and triceps! Honestly, there are so many muscles bulging we don't even know what's happening.

Credit: Twitter

Mackenzie works on her fitness as a professional cheerleader, and apparently all that time spent lifting her gal pals into the air has paid off. 

"I think I'm half man," she tweeted along with the pic. 

Ha! We beg to differ. Mackenzie might have muscles that rival her fiance's, but she's 100 percent lady! Then again, we'd love to see her and Maci Bookout's beefy ex-boyfriend, Kyle King, have an arm-wrestling competition. We have a feeling Mackenzie would win hands down.

Source: Twitter

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