Credit: Twitter

We’ve been in the dark for several weeks now about Nikkole Paulun’s hush-hush pregnancy. The 16 and Pregnant star is currently expecting baby no. 2, and today she was finally ready to show it.

“Baby bumpin’,” she tweeted along with this revealing pic.

Credit: Twitter Photo: Nikkole Paulun's Baby Bump

We know a couple of details about Nik’s pregnancy part deux, and the intel comes from an unlikely source Jenelle Evans!

"So I messaged Nikkole on FB and asked her what was going on!" Jenelle posted on Sulia. "She told me that her father of her second child is NOT Josh, Josh is her ex-fiance and also her son's father. The father of this child is Mike Sindone. He has made really rude and harsh comments against Nikkole on his Twitter. Looks like him and his girlfriend are being the immature ones here when Nikkole is sitting back and laughing!"

We’re sad to hear that this new potential baby daddy is being less than supportive, but happy that Nikkole’s pregnancy is moving along safely.

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