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Time to hop on Twitter and send your well wishes to 16 and Pregnant's Sabrina Solares, who is currently experiencing a major medical scare. The Season 4 cast member recently opened up to Teen Mom Talk, revealing that she may have cancer!

"The doctors found cancer," Sabrina explained. "It's very very early stages and depending on how severe the tests come back hopefully they can just take it out."

The proud mom will be undergoing a series of tests in the next few weeks, and further treatment will depend on the results.

Surprisingly, Sabrina is in good spirits. "I'm still smiling and being silly," she said. Still, she'd love for you to send her good vibes. "Keep me in your prayers that everything's alright!"

While Sabrina didn't reveal what type of cancer she may have, some are speculating that it's cervical cancer. According to her official Facebook fan page, doctors found cancerous cells in her initial screening and further details will be revealed when she knows more.

Stay strong, Sabrina!

Source: Teen Mom Talk

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