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In case you'd forgotten (unlikely, it's all we think about), Jenelle Evans and her husband, Courtland Rogers, were arrested for heroin possession and simple assault back on April 23, and now they pretty much loathe each other. Jenelle was released from prison on the same day of her arrest, and she's getting back at Courty big-time — by hanging out with his baby mama and estranged daughter!

Yep, while Courtland sits in prison with a $50,000 bail, Jenelle's been bonding all over the place with her former enemy/Courtland's sexy-exy, Taylor Lewis. But the real shocker? Jenelle's been chillin' like a villain with Taylor and Courtland's adorable daughter JaJa!

Credit: Twitter Photo: Jenelle Evans Hangs With Courtland Roger's Daughter While He's in Jail!

"Look at how adorable JaJa looked yesterday," Jenelle posted to Twitter on May 9 along with a sweet photo of her stepdaughter.

We assume Courtland doesn't have access to Twitter in jail, but dude is going to be majorly peeved when he finds out that Jenelle is hanging with JaJa. Especially since Taylor refuses to let Courtland see his daughter, and he's been fighting tooth and nail to get visitation rights.

Do you think it's odd that Jenelle's besties with her hubby's baby mama, or is she simply bonding with another one of Courtland's victims? Weigh in below!

Source: Twitter