Credit: Instagram Photo: Maci Bookout and Son Bentley Take a Selfie in Oklahoma March 14 2013

Is there anything this little tyke can’t do? We’re becoming increasingly jealous of Teen Mom star Maci Bookout’s son, Bentley Edwards. Not only can the 4-year-old motocross wunderkind ride motorcycles better than most adults, he can also play basketball, beat his parents at video games and fish!

Maci posted a photo of her adorable little boy while they were out on the river a-fishin’. And wouldn’t you know it, the little guy actually caught a fish!

Credit: Instagram Photo: Maci Bookout's Son Bentley Catches a Fish!

Benny caught one tonight fishin' with his uncle Matt,” his mother posted on Instagram. The smile on Benny’s face is priceless.

It felt like it was only yesterday we watched as Benny cried for Maci when she left him to splash around in the pool with her (then) boyfriend Kyle King on an episode of Teen Mom. Now he’s all grown up — racing against his daddy, Ryan Edwards (who he left in the dust, by the way), getting BMX sponsors, going to school, and bringing home fish to fry.

My, they grow up so quickly! Please excuse us while we flip through baby photos of Maci’s little boy and cry...

Source: Instagram