Credit: Twitter

16 and Pregnant star Danielle Cunningham, proud mom to baby Jamie, Jr., is expecting a second bundle of joy this June, and she couldn't be more excited to welcome her little lady into the world. Danielle is currently prepping for her baby shower on Saturday, May 11 — which couldn't be more appropriate considering it's just one day before Mother's Day!

Unfortunately, Danielle's got a bout of the pregnancy blues and isn't really looking forward to the big day.

"Why am i not excited about my baby shower tomorrow? Lol i just feel so tired today," she tweeted on May 10.

We don't blame Danielle for being exhausted! Pregancy is tiring enough, especially when you're working and raising a toddler. Hopefully the 19-year-old expect mama will get a good night's sleep and wake up refreshed for Saturday's festivities.

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