Credit: MTV

A curious blind item surfaced on May 11, courtesy of Crazy Days and Nights, suggesting that everyone's favorite amatuer porn princess Farrah Abraham has signed on to film another raunchy skin flick — despite the fact that she's told multiple news outlets that Backdoor Teen Mom was a one-time deal. But the real kicker? Our girl could be switching teams!

"Don't believe the denials," the blind reads, "this former B- list reality star turned porn star says she is not going to make any more pornos, but the two women she has booked for an all female threesome would dispute that."

Yes, you read that correctly — not one, but two lucky ladies may have the chance to sexplore Farrah's hot bod at the same time while the cameras are rolling. James Deen is crying so many jealousy tears right now.

Naysayers may be like, "But Wetpaint, this is only a blind item, how do you know it's true or even about Farrah at all?" We don't know for sure, but Miss Abraham fits the bill perfectly. While her so-called "B-list" status is questionable (really guys?!), the other clues are spot-on. Plus, Farrah's been spending some quality time in the porn community these days, by which we mean canoodling with adult entertainer Riley Jensen, and she was spotted earlier this year smooching an unnamed lady friend in lingerie.

Guess she kissed a girl and she liked it! But who are we to judge? Do whatever floats your motorboat, Farrah … just please don't videotape it, OK?

Do you think this blind item is about Farrah? Tell us your theories below. 

Source: Crazy Days and Nights