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Teen Mom 2's Leah Messer is blessed with adorable twin daughters, but her life is far from easy. Leah's sweet bay gal, Aliannah, suffers from a mysterious muscular disorder, and has struggled to developmentally keep up with her sister, Aleeah.

The good news? Teen Mom 2 Season 4's penultimate episode featured Ali finally learning how to walk, and in the finale episode of the season girlfriend had a muscle biopsy to diagnose her mysterious condition!

Unfortunately, Teen Mom 2 ended before Ali was given a diagnosis (though all signs pointed to Mitochondrial Disease), which means fans are still in the dark about this gal's muscular disorder! And guys? It looks like we won't be getting answers anytime soon — unless MTV greenlights a fifth season of Teen Mom 2.

"Can't really say yet," Corey's father, Jeff Simms, explained when asked about Ali's diagnosis. "if there's a season 5 it will be revealed then."

Sigh, way to keep up hanging, Jeff! We're desperate to know what's ailing Baby Ali, though it looks like we can rest easy. This sweet gal looks like the picture of health in recent pictures!

Source: Twitter