Credit: Twitter Photo: Gary Shirley Tweets a Silly Picture on September 4, 2012

Breaking-ish news, everyone. It looks like our favorite watermelon farmer has left his home state of Indiana! Yep, Teen Mom's lovable baby daddy, Gary Shirley is on the run, and we literally have no idea where he's going or why he's going there. Four words: international man of mystery.

Credit: Twitter Photo: Gary Shirley Snaps Photo of Daughter Leah Feeding Ducks

Here are the facts: Gary left home on May 13 and drove over to Marion, Indiana, where it appears that he and his daughter, Leah, fed some ducks. Then Gary and his little lady swaggered into Nashville, Tennessee, and made friends with a Krispy Kreme truck, and as far as we know boyfriend is currently in Kentucky.

Um, what is happening? It's possible that Gary is taking his little lady on a road trip around the dirty south, but for all we know these two are moving across the country and haven't bothered to tell us. Which is fine, but what about Gary's watermelon patch? Those glorious globes aren't going to grow themselves, and they need Gary's green thumb to massage them!

Sigh, we're so worried.

Do you think Gary Shirley is moving out of Indiana, or is he taking Leah on a road trip? Tell us your thoughts below! 

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