Credit: Twitter Photo: Corey Simms and Fiance Miranda Patterson Go Fishing!

Leah Messer and her ex-husband, Corey Simms, might have gone through a brutal divorce, but these days they get along better than ever for the sake of their twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah. In fact, Leah has even developed a friendship with Corey's fiancé, Miranda Patterson!

Miranda has become an important maternal figure in Ali and Aleeah's life, and Leah decided to show her appreciation by sending Miranda a potted plant and a sweet note on Mother's Day.

"I know you're not officially a stepmom yet, but soon you will be!!!" Leah wrote in Miranda's card. "You're such a sweet person, and I know from talking to you that you truly love the girls! I know you'll be a great mom and you'll be an amazing influence in their lives! Happy Mother's Day!"

Credit: Twitter Photo: Leah Messer Surprises Miranda Patterson With a Mother's Day Gift!

Of course, this card was stealthily signed "Your Secret Sister," but it's pretty obvious that Leah is the mystery lady in question. After all, who else would use exclamation marks so abundantly? Then again, we'd expect a note from Leah to be covered in pink camo, so who knows.

We're so proud of Leah and Miranda for getting along so well, and we're even more shocked by how mature Leah is. Many women wouldn't like another lady stepping on their mommy toes, but clearly Leah only thinks about what's best for her kiddos!

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Source: Twitter