Credit: Instagram Photo: Tyler Baltierra Wears a Black Tanktop

Oh no, guys! There’s major drama in Teen Mom land and it’s not looking good. It all started after momtrepreneur Farrah Abraham decided to release her sexcapades, otherwise known as Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, onto the masses. When her former Teen Mom co-star Catelynn Lowell saw a clip, Cate compared Farrah’s voice to the sound of a “dying horse.” That’s when the gloves came off and Farrah went on a rampage against her former bestie.

Not only did Farrah publically denounce her friendship with Cate (oh no! What will Catelynn do without Farrah in her life?), she called Catelynn “jealous” and even targeted Cate’s weight in a recent issue of Us Magazine! Low blow. But Catelynn didn’t take it lying down. The Michigan mama had a few words for Farrah and her fiancé, Tyler Baltierra, stood behind her with a few words of his own.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Catelynn, Farrah and Maci Hit New York City on May 29, 2012

@CatelynnLowell Jealousy comes in all fashions. Just remember u don't have 2 hire someone to give u love or diminish ur respect for ur gain” Tyler tweeted to his leading lady. Ouch!

When we read Tyler’s tweet, we didn’t know if he was referring to Farrah’s claims that she “hired” porn star James Deen to do her “private tape made public” scrapbook porno, or if he was talking about the rumor that Farrah solicited rumored “boyfriend” Carson Underwood to join her on VH1’s Couples Therapy. Either way you slice it, he’s definitely talking about the newly-crowned porn princess and wants her know that Team Cate and Ty will not take her insults lying down. No pun intended, of course...

Do you think Tyler was right to join in the Farrah/Catelynn feud? Tell us your thoughts below!

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