Credit: Twitter Photo: Kieffer Delp Tweets a Picture of Himself on Nov. 30, 2012

Please form a prayer circle, slaughter a sacrificial swamp creature, and join us in chanting Kieffer Delp's name. Because guys, we're officially worried. Again.

Jenelle Evans's ex-boyfriend has been off-the-radar for the past few months, but dude was thrust back into the spotlight thanks to the recent revelation that he got Jenelle hooked on heroin. Not only was Kieffer shown buying Jenelle "dope" during the Teen Mom 2 Season 4 finale, he admitted to peer pressuring his ex gal-pal into doing drugs with him.

As you might expect, Kieffer has earned himself a seriously bad rap in Teen Mom land (a magical place full of knock-off Uggs and beef jerky), and it looks like boyfriend is suffering from a bout of depression.

"I'm to [sic] depressed to go on ....." Kieffer tweeted on May 15. "you'll be sorry when I'm gone 117."

OK, so these are most definitely lyrics to Blink 182's circa 2000 hit "Adam's Song," but dang Kieffer. What does it all mean? The fact that this dude is quoting songs about suicide is hardly comforting, so let's just hope that he's surrounding himself with friends and loved ones during this rough time.

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