Credit: Instagram Photo: Aubree Wears Chic Scarfs, Shades, and Cowboy Boots on April 26

It's an undisputed fact that Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska is a brunette bombshell (with hair that won't quit), and it looks like her daughter, Aubree, has inherited her mama's A+ genes! This little gal has always been adorable, but she's turning into a true glamazon — just like Chelsea!

Not only does Aubree have the best wardrobe ever (seriously, faux leather leggings? We want to go to there), she has a gorgeous head of hair, and the cutest, most pinchable cheeks this side of Teen Mom valley.

Are you thinking what we're thinking? Because we're thinking that a) we want Doritos, and b) Aubree should become a child model. In fact, it looks like Chelsea is right there with us.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Chelsea Houska Snaps Photo of Her Little Model Aubree Walking

"I forgot to post this the other day!" she wrote along with a picture of Aubree sashaying away from the camera. "Little model beebee."

Clearly Aubree is a natural when it comes to walking the runway … or the sidewalk, as the case may be. But seeing as Chel-Chel has tons of connections in NYC thanks to MTV, it shouldn't be that hard to launch Aubs' career!

Do you think Chelsea should hook her little gal up with a modeling contract? Dish in the comments!

Source: Instagram