Credit: Twitter Photo: Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham Feud on Twitter

The only person more surprised by the news that Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham are about to film a spin-off show with MTV is Jenelley herself. Word around the rumor mill is that she and Farrah would be shacked up under one roof while filming a Big Brother-style show with their moms, a psychiatrist, and a relationship expert, but apparently not so much.

While Farrah recently confirmed that she'd been asked to participate in the show, Jenelle doesn't seem to have any idea what she's talking about.

"what? Never heard that," she posted on Twitter in response to a report about the special.

Hmmm, it's slightly strange that Jenelle hasn't heard of a show she's allegedly starring in, which makes us think this whole thing could be one huge rumor. That being said, we have no clue why Farrah's playing along — other than the fact that she loves to be in the spotlight!

Either way, let's not forget that Teen Mom 2 hasn't officially been canceled. And if the show comes back for a fifth season (yes, please!), Jenelle won't have any time for a spin-off with Farrah! She'll be way too busy hanging out with her real friends at Olive Garden, duh!

Source: Twitter