Credit: Instagram Photo: Chelsea Houska Wears a Dress on May 18, 2013

Much like the rest of us, Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska wants nothing more than to spend the summer lounging around the beach in a bikini (which might be slightly difficult considering that she lives in South Dakota). This gal is gearing up for non-stop fun in the sun, and you know what that means! Girlfriend is working on her fitness like Fergalicious.

Chelsea already has a rockin' body, but it looks like she's on a health kick in preparation for shorts season. If we've learned one thing from watching this gal on Teen Mom 2, it's that Chels loves herself some junk food (um, join the club), but her recent diet? Raw almonds. We know, so tragic.

"So @MNOvre10 [a friend of Chelsea's] is sitting here eating pizza and breadsticks...while I'm sitting here starving eating raw almonds," Chel-Chel tweeted on May 21. "#f—you #notgivingin #wah."

It looks like the hard work is definitely paying off — Chelsea recently posted an Instagram photo of herself in a girly dress, and she looks noticeably thinner.

A meal of raw almonds sounds even more depressing than cheeseless pizza, but hey,  as long as she's shedding pounds and staying healthy, who are we to judge?!

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Source: Twitter / Instagram