Credit: MTV Photo: Jenelle Evans Suffers From Depression on Teen Mom 2 Season 4

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans had us clutching our pearls in fear when she came down with a sudden illness and went to the hospital on May 18, and it looks like the mystery has finally been solved!

Jenelle initially told fans that her lymph nodes were infected, but then traumatized us with the news that her antibiotics were not working. Sob.

The good news? After days of discomfort, Jenelle went back to the doctor to get some concrete answers.

"Woke up with my ear pounding with pain," Jenelle tweeted on May 22. "I feel like this infection is spreading. Giving in, going to to doctor."

So, what's wrong with our favorite jailbird? Turns out Jenelle has a hardcore case of bronchitis, an infection of the air passages. Girlfriend will have to relax at home for the next few days in order to get better — and smoking definitely isn't allowed! Which might be a problem considering that Jenelle loves herself some ciggies...

We’re relieved that this gal is on the mend, and don't worry –– she isn't exposing her son, Jace, to her illness.

"I miss Jace," she tweeted. "he's on vacation, but it's the right choice becuz I don't want to get him sick. I hope he's having fun though."

Feel better soon, Jenelle! We'll eat some endless breadsticks in your honor. #prayforjenelley

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