Credit: Instagram Photo: Teen Mom Baby Daddy Ryan Edwards and Friend at a Bar!

Breaking news, Ryan Edwards fan-girls. Our favorite Teen Mom hunk has a new summer gig, and it looks all kinds of amazing.

Last time we checked, Ryan was "doin work" (his words) at some mystery job in Tennessee. His duties? Jamming pistols into his pants for no explicable reason. But guys it looks like Ryan has left whatever the heck that was for bigger a better things — a job at Coca-Cola!

Ryan took to Twitter to give fans a sneak peek at his new job, which appears to be in some kind of giant Coke-filled factory. We're not exactly sure what Ryan's responsibilities are, but here are a few possibilities:

Credit: Twitter Photo: Teen Mom's Ryan Edwards Tweets Photo at New Job

1. Ryan's hauling giant crates of Coke around Tennessee, which means his guns will be even bigger than the ones he keeps in his pants.
2. Ryan is a professional soda taste tester, which means we've never been more jealous of anyone in our lives.
3. Ryan manages a stock room, which means he might pass out from boredom by the end of the week. Keeping you in our prayers, buddy.

What do you think Ryan's job with Coca-Cola is? Dish your theories in the comments!

Source: Twitter