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Child birth can be rewarding to new mothers, but the havoc it wreaks on a mother’s body is not easily reversible. 16 and Pregnant’s Ashley Salazar is all too familiar with weight fluctuation, but these days she’s trying to stay one step ahead of her constantly-evolving body.

The fitness guru has been working hard to maintain a bangin’ bod. In August 2012 she revealed that she uses Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred to drop any extra weight and tone up. And now it seems that Ash is taking another kick at getting in shape for summer.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Ashley Salazar's Weight Loss

On May 20, she tweeted some sexy before-and-after shots of her toned tummy.

“Took a lot to post this! Kinda embarrassing. Didn’t even post first before pic #month1 #progress #healthy,” she wrote with the pictures of her progress.

Honestly, we’re not sure why Ashley would be embarrassed by her “before” photos. Homegirl was already a skinny minny to begin with!

“Back #month1 #progress still not where I wanna be but def made improvement!!” she Instagrammed with a photo of her flexed back.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Ashley Salazar Shows Off Muscles

We think she looks amazing, but Ash may never be satisfied with her petite frame.

Ugh I've gained so much weight while in Louisiana. I haven't cried like this in so long,” she tweeted on May 23. “Starting my fitness journey OVER like this is day 1!”

Give yourself a break, girl! We love that Ashley’s getting in shape, but she can splurge every now and again!

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