Credit: Twitter Photo: It's Gary Head!

Hold on to your snapbacks, guys. It looks like Teen Mom 2 ex, Gary Head, is turning into a leprechaun and we wish we were joking. The Southern gent just celebrated another birthday (happy birthday, Gary!) and bought himself an actual pot of gold.

Gary recently tweeted a photo of his bare chest with a chain hanging down from his neck. On the chain is a charm in the shape of a pot with real gold inside!

“My new charm.😊 Has 24K gold inside the pot. After every rainbow there's a pot of gold,” he captioned the pic. Whoa!

Credit: Twitter Photo: Gary Head Rocks New Pot of Gold Charm

We knew that Teen Mom ex Ryan Edwards wanted to move to England, but who knew that Gary was filled with Irish lore!

We’re kind of wondering whether or not Gary should’ve bought such an expensive gift, especially since the former Marine currently has no job, but it was his birthday so as the young kids say “yolo.”

Let’s hope that Gary’s pot of gold brings him good fortune in the future. Now excuse us while we have a celebratory bowl of Lucky Charms while listening to Trinidad James’s “All Gold Everything.”

Source: Twitter