Credit: Instagram Photo: Katie Yeager Takes Selfie While Watching Teen Mom 3 in NYC

Teen Mom 3’s colorful star Katie Yeager has had one exciting start to the year. Not only did , Katie and her baby daddy Joey Maes break up, but Katie moved away from Wyoming with their daughter Molli for a new life in Salt Lake City, Utah. Currently the single mom has a new job, a new place, and is loving life.

On her trip to New York City to film the Teen Mom 3 after shows with OG Teen Mom Maci Bookout, Katie met with a psychic whose reading apparently left her head “spinning.” Though she didn't say much, the Teen Mom 3 star shared one thing the psychic told her on Twitter:

She told me my soul mate had the initial J....... #awkward

J as in Joey? When a fan asked Katie if she would ever consider getting back with her baby daddy — you know, like most of the other Teen Moms do when they split from their boos — what did she answer?

Never we aren't good together..... ” Katie tweeted on May 23. Ouch!

Sounds like someone’s been playing Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” on repeat...

Sigh. Looks like Katie’s meant to be with someone else with a J initial in his name. Maybe a John or a Jacob? Hmm … let’s hope Katie meets her mystery man when the time is right.

Do you think Katie and Joey will ever get back together? Tell us below!  

Source: Twitter/Twitter