Credit: Instagram

As you know, summer is quickly approaching and all the Teen Mom ladies are all getting ready to show off their beach ready bodies, including Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska. While we think the South Dakota native is totally fab with her lovely locks, Chel-Chel has been on a kick-butt diet and workout regime and the results are starting to show!

Recently Chelsea posted a selfie on Instagram wearing a super feminine outfit and we noticed that she looked a little trimmer.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Chelsea Houska's Noticeable Summer Weight Loss

In the side-by-side photo featuring Chelsea in February and in May, you can clearly see a difference. While the hairstyling mama is decked out in her usual chic attire, you can see that Chelsea’s face has gotten slimmer, and her overall frame looks smaller. And why wouldn’t it? The Teen Mom 2 star participates in hot yoga, kick-boxing, and a hardcore diet that consists of raw almonds and other healthy foods. She’s even said she’d be open to taking a couple pole dancing classes, which can do tons for core-strengthening.

If only we had Chelsea’s discipline.

All we can hope is that Chelsea doesn’t go too far with her weight loss. By the looks of it, she’s looking really good in her newly-slimmed figure!

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