Credit: Twitter

The Teen Moms love to voice their worldly opinions about love, friendship, and — this week — Stouffers (mmmm, delicious), so thank goodness for a little thing called Twitter. Check out our roundup of the most OMG tweets of the week!

5. Alexandria Sekella asks a rhetorical question: "Is it weird that I'm in love with the smell of NYC."

Considering that New York City smells like hot dog stands, nope. Not weird.

4. Katie Yeager worries us: "There's a hole where your soul should be."

Well this is … bleak.

3. Maci Bookout makes an announcement: "yall i got a turkey."


2. Gary Shirley has a deep thought: "What if Gandolf is Moses?"

Clearly, Gary needs to re-write The Bible to include LOTR fan-fiction.

1. Jenelle Evans sighs: "Stouffers takes forever but it's so good!"

Story of our life, girl.