Credit: Twitter

16 and Pregnant star Danielle Cunningham has about a month left to go before baby Jayleigh Rae makes her foray into the world, but the 19-year-old wants to give birth now. In fact, she's getting so impatient that she's actually trying to induce labor with spicy foods!

"Has spicy food ever put any of you into labor? If so what did you eat and how long did it take to work?" Danielle asked her Twitter followers on May 26, adding a picture of her hot wings with the caption, "Lets see if this makes a baby come."

While lots of women claim that spicy foods can speed things up, most websites we consulted say it's nothing more than a big ol' myth.

According to WebMD, there's no direct link between the stomach and the uterus, and there's no research that supports theories that certain foods can bring on contractions. "I have never seen anything that supports [spicy foods] one way or another," said Terry Harper, MD, who studies fetal medicine.

Danielle's also looking into raspberry tea leaves and castor oil, but since there's nothing scientific that links food and labor, we think she should try her best to just kick back and ride out the last few weeks. And when 2-year-old Jamie Jr. sees his baby sister for the first time, it will have been well worth the wait!

Have you ever tried eating spicy foods to speed up your pregnancy? Tell us about it below.