Credit: Instagram Photo: Teen Mom 2's Gary Head in 2012

If you've been following Jenelle Evans's ex-fiancé, Gary Head, on twitter, you've probably noticed that he's suffering from a major bout of The Sads. It all started when this Teen Mom 2 star broke up with his girlfriend, which basically sent him into a full-blown depression. Poor Gary has been drinking and partying up a storm since that fated day, and seems to vacillate between upbeat and totally traumatized.

The good news? Gary knows he has a problem, and it looks like he's finally getting the help he needs!

"getting my meds tomorrow. #ScriptUp," Gary tweeted on April 30.

We're not entirely sure what mental issues Gary suffers from (other than Alfredo addiction, obviously), but he's willing to admit that he has a problem.

"I have a disorder," Gary tweeted. "I'm going to get my meds tomorrow #Help #Change."

Awww, Gary! It takes a brave person to ask for help, and hopefully this dude will be in tip-top shape once he visits ye olde doctor. In fact, he's already started making amends with his former enemies (cough, Jenelle, cough), and who knows? Maybe boyfriend will even manage to mend things with his sexy-exy, Jade Dolph!

Source: Twitter/Twitter