Credit: Twitter Photo: Gary Shirley Tweets a Picture of Baby Leah Apple Picking

How the time has gone by! It feels like it was just yesterday we were watching Teen Mom’s Gary Shirley and his baby mama Amber Portwood try to work things out for the sake of their little girl, Leah. Nowadays, Amber’s teaching anger management classes in jail, while Gary’s taking care of their little girl. Their latest adventure? Gary took Leah to get her ears pierced — and she rocked it like a pro!

In the video Gary posted to Twitter on June 1, we see the 4-year-old sit down calmly as the technician goes from one ear to the other with the piercing gun. While most children would be terrified of anything that can cause pain, Leah merely says “ouch” and is then handed a mirror to see the technician’s handiwork — something her daddy is super proud of.

“Here's the video!!!! She got them done and all she said was Ouch!” Gary tweeted on June 1.

Looks like Leah is one tough cookie! Then again, when you figure who her parents are, is there really any second guessing that she wouldn’t be?

Are you surprised that Leah didn’t cry when she got her ears pierced? Tell us below!

Source: Twitter