Credit: Instagram Photo: Jenelle Evans Shows Off Blonde Highlights on April 22, 2013

So by now you’ve heard the news that Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans has legally separated from husband Courtland Rogers and is now wrapped up in whirlwind romance with a new guy. While fans have suspected that she may have gotten back with the wayward minstrel formally known as Kieffer Delp, Jenelle has confirmed she’s not with her former flame.

Wanting to keep her new guy a secret, Jenelle has remained pretty hush-hush on the deets of her new leading man — until now. On June 3, Jenelle has slowly but surely released some facts about this guy she spent four hours in the sand, watching double rainbows with.

From what Jenelle’s leaked, loverboy has two jobs, one of which is modeling. He’s also a college man and plays college football.

Credit: Twitter Photo: Jenelle Evans Gives "Sneak Peek" at Her "Amazing" Date

After much coaxing, Jenelle gave in and tweeted, “FINE HERE IS A PREVIEW OF HIM, geeeeze.... Lol,” and posted a photo of what he looks like from the neck down — and we have one thing to say: “Helloooo, nurse!"

Jenelle refuses to show the guy's face or tell us his name to keep him out of the media, but we know that he keeps her on the phone and is apparently a sweetheart.

While fans may think this new guy is too good to be true, the Teen Mom 2 star insists she’s not being catfished. We sincerely hope that she’s found a nice guy for a change.

Do you think Jenelle’s new “amazing” man is who she says he is? Tell us your theories below!