Credit: Twitter

If it’s one thing that all the hunky guys of Teen Mom land have in common (you know, aside from being baby daddies), is their love of hot cars and motorbikes. And our resident watermelon farmer, Gary Shirley, has just traded in his old baby for a new one. And by baby, we mean car, guys.

The single papa posted a photo of his new ride to Twitter on June 7 and we gotta say, we’re really diggin’ the upgrade.

Got the new wheels. Just sold the old ones. Good bye to my black ice!” Gary tweeted.

Credit: Twitter

We’re pretty sure that Gary will have tons of memories of his darling “Black Ice.” After all, Gary and his daughter Leah (with OG Teen Mom jailbird Amber Portwood) went on a road trip where Leah played with some ducks in Marion, Indiana, his car “Black Ice” parked next to a Krispy Kreme truck in Nashville, Tenn., and the father daughter duo had fun in good ‘ol Kentucky.

Don’t worry Shiny Silverado (that’s our name for his new whip). You, Gary, and Leah will definitely have tons of new and equally fun adventures as well (hopefully safe ones).

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