Credit: Twitter Photo: Danielle Cunningham and Gives Birth to Baby Jayleigh Rae on June 7, 2013

16 and Pregnant’s Danielle Cunningham couldn’t be any happier at this moment. After days of eating spicy foods, taking long walks and doing things to her lady lumps to induce labor, Danielle finally gave birth to Jayleigh Rae on June 7, 2013 — two weeks ahead of schedule.

Danielle is obviously basking in her post-maternity glow admiring her newest addition and it looks like Jayleigh has another admirer too: older brother Jamie Jr.

Danielle decided to make a Vine video of her 2-year-old son meeting his little sister.


Seriously? Their encounter is like cuteness overload. And if you think that’s adorable, get a load of this photo of Jamie Jr. holding the precious little bundle that Danielle posted on Twitter. Glad to see that Jamie is ready to dive in and help his mom out when it comes to Baby Jayleigh.

Credit: Twitter Photo: Danielle Cunningham's Son Jamie Jr. Holds Baby Jayleigh Rae

Since Dani will have to return back to work in a little over a month, Jamie’s definitely going to have to put his big brother shoes on and help out mom around the house. And from the looks of his happy little face, we get the impression that the toddler is up to the challenge.

Let’s hope their brother-sister bond only grows stronger!

Source: Vine/Twitter