Credit: Twitter Photo: Chelsea Houska and New Guy Andrew Craft

Have you heard the news? Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska is in a brand spankin' new internet relationship with a sexy stud muffin named Andrew Craft, and it looks like this cute couple are getting all kinds of cyber-serious. And no, Chelsea isn't being catfished! Andrew and Chelsea even video chat on the regular so yes, his amazing abs are the real deal!

These two have been sweet-tweeting up a storm for a few weeks now, and it looks like Andy (aka @CraftySnacks) is ready to ditch California and head to South Dakota to visit our girl Chel-Chel. But in order to get to our hairdresser extraordinaire, he'll have to get past Chelsea's uber-protective dad, Randy Houska.

Randy hasn't always been a fan of Chelsea's boy-toys (that's putting it mildly — he pretty much loathes Chelsea's baby daddy, Adam Lind), and it looks like he's going to put Andrew through the ringer!

"A little twitterbird tells me you may be coming out for the requisite 'interview to see my daughta'," Randy tweeted to Andrew on June 6. "I will prepare questions."

Oh, snap! Hopefully Papa Randilicious will go easy on Andrew, though we do have a few deal-breaker questions he should ask:

1. Have you ever rocked a chintee?

2. Do you ever feel the urge to ride around on a lawnmower shirtless?

3. How many illegitimate love children do you have?

Care to add your questions to our list? Hit the comments!

Source: Twitter