Credit: Twitter

Word on the diaper-littered street is that Teen Mom 2 is currently filming its fifth season (can we get a woop woop?), and it looks like we finally have some solid proof! You know, aside from Jeremy Calvert's tragic tweet about how he and Leah Messer might not own a bed in time for the arrival of MTV's cameras....

So, the latest? Turns out a crew followed Kailyn Lowry and her husband, Javi Marroquin , to Sick Ink Studios tattoo parlor on June 9, where Javi put the finishing touches on his sleeve — aka that giant robotic arm tat he's rocking. Good times.

Check out this picture that was tweeted by Sick Ink's very own Jesse Probus along with the caption, "Fun day off at the shop..... MTV."

Credit: Twitter Photo: Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry Spotted Filming Javi's Tattoo Session

OMG, it's official, y'all! Unless MTV is simply filming a Where Are They Now? special with our favorite whack pack of mommies, it looks like we have concrete proof that Teen Mom 2's fifth season is almost upon us. No word yet as to when the season will grace is with its glorious presence, but we have a feeling it will come hot off the heels of Teen Mom 3's premiere later this summer.

Either way, this is an exciting time in Kailyn Lowry's life — and we can't wait to see it captured on camera. Not only is home girl pregnant with her second child, she and Javi are happily married and about to move to their very first Air Force station. Let the drama begin!

Source: Starcasm/Twitter