Credit: Twitter Photo: Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert Hang Out at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas — unless you take a picture of yourself with a half-naked showgirl and post said picture on Twitter, blinding thousands of innocent Teen Mom fans in the process. Which is exactly what Leah Messer's adorable husband, Jeremy Calvert, just did!

Jeremy is currently living it up in Sin City while Leah attends a tanning expo with her co-workers from TanFastiq (West Virginia's premiere tanning salon), and it looks like he's having a blast. You know, posing with naked women and whatnot.

Credit: Twitter Photo: Jeremy Calvert Poses With Topless Lady and Friend in Las Vegas!

First of all, check out the look on Jeremy's face. He's so pleased with himself, it's like dude is winning all of the life awards. But more importantly, we love the fact that Jeremy found a medieval-themed show girl. This buxom beauty is literally dressed up as a village wench/pirate, and we're obsessed with her outfit. And we use the word "outfit" loosely. Lady is basically wearing a corset and some puffy sleeves.

By the way, is it just us or is Jeremy just as obsessed with his new friend's attire (or lack thereof) as we are? We're thinking he should buy Leah something similar to wear back in the Dirty South. You know, for themed late-night funzies.

Source: Twitter