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Everything's coming up roses for 

Teen Mom 2's newest blushing bride! Hot off the heels of getting married to Corey Simms on June 7, Miranda Patterson has a huge announcement to make. No, girlfriend isn't expecting a baby (yet, guys … yet), but even better? She's about to graduate from college!

"Last week I married my soulmate, next week I become a college graduate," Miranda tweeted on June 12. "What a great month! #Blessed #Happy."

High five, lady! Time for some celebratory cheese puffs.

We're not sure what Miranda is in school for, but considering that girlfriend moonlights as a sheriff at her local police department, we're thinking she's getting a major in the Art of Being Totally Baller with a minor in Perfecting Your Southern Twang.

Either way, this gal deserves major props for making it through school while balancing a full-time job and being a stepmom to Corey's adorable daughters, Ali and Aleeah. Hopefully, she and Corey will get a chance to celebrate good times (c'mon!) with a romantic summer honeymoon in the backwoods of West Virginia.

Moonshine, anyone?

Source: Twitter