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Please wrap yourself in the nearest available confederate flag, and join us in a prayer circle for Courtland Rogers. This wayward soul has been stuck in the slammer since April 23 (when he was arrested for heroin possession along with his estranged wife, Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans) and he’s being eaten … alive!

RadarOnline reports that Courtland has contracted scabies, a highly contagious skin infection caused by tiny bugs burrowing into your flesh and, you know, devouring you for dinner. No one knows how long Courtland has been battling scabies, but it's possible that he infected Jenelle before heading to the clink. After all, these little critters can be spread from host-to-host thanks to shared towels and bedsheets. The horror!

"Courtland’s mom and Taylor called Jenelle to tell her about the scabies,” a pal of Courty's tells Radar. “He apparently infected two of his friends in jail and they’ve all been quarantined. So they wanted her to get checked out too.”

Luckily, a source tells Radar that Jenelle isn't infected with Courtland's buggy buddies, so we can rest easy tonight. And by "rest easy," we mean have nightmares about bugs crawling all over our flesh.

In other news, Courtland should be good as new anywhere between two to four weeks after treatment. Don't let the bedbugs bite, friend!

Source: RadarOnline