Credit: Twitter Photo: Taylor Halbur Takes Selfie With Adam Lind to Celebrate His Release From Jail

Good news, fellow chintee lovers. Our favorite bearded baby daddy, Chelsea Houska's ex-boyfriend Adam Lind, is free as a bird.

Adam recently finished a 90-day work-release stint in the slammer thanks to being charged with three DUIs in the space of just six months (plus driving while intoxicated with a suspended license), and he's celebrating in style! By chillin' with his newest baby mama, Taylor Halbur.

"Baby's first night of freedom," Taylor tweeted on June 16 along with a cute photo of herself and her man. And by "cute," we mean Adam is most definitely wearing a do-rag. Do-rag with that what you will.

Adam started his sentence back on March 17, and has spent the last 3 months working during the day, and heading to prison at 5 pm to spend the night with his fellow inmates. In other words, he's been livin' large!

Let's hope Adam learned his lesson — especially since this isn't his first brush with the law. Apparently, boyfriend was incarcerated in February 2011 for one of many offenses, which include reckless driving, underage drinking, burglary, evading the police, and a hunting violation.

In other news, Taylor is currently about six months pregnant with Adam's kiddo, so hopefully this hunk will manage to stay out of trouble for the rest of her gestation. Just resist the urge to illegally murder innocent woodland animals, Adam.

Source: Twitter