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Father's Day is a great opportunity to shower the daddy in your life with gifts, but it can be a tough holiday for the single ladies in Teen Mom Land. Many of these gals have rocky relationships with their baby daddies, and Jenelle Evans is no exception.

This gal isn't in touch with her son's father, Andrew Lewis (mostly because he owes thousands in child support and won't stop throwing her under the bus), and to make matters worse she isn't even in touch with her own pops.

The good news? Jenelle managed to have a great Father's Day thanks to her new boyfriend, professional model/bodybuilder Nathan Griffith, who took his leading lady out to dinner in Myrtle Beach.

Check out this sexy (and extremely sweaty) picture of Nathan cheesin' at the camera, which Jenelle captioned "Fathers Day Dinner with my love." And yes, Nathan is definitely wearing a shirt that says "Crab Daddy" on it. How fitting for the occasion!

Credit: Twitter Photo: Jenelle Evans's Boyfriend Nathan Griffith Takes Her on Romantic Dinner For Father's Day

We couldn't be happier than Jenelle celebrated Father's Day in style with her new man — and how romantic does their dinner look? Candles + a lagoon? All this scenic setting needs are a few swamp alligators it's pure perfection!

Also, we can't help but think of Jenelle's estranged husband, Courtland Rogers, during this time. Poor dude is celebrating Father's Day in the slammer with a serious case of scabies as his only friend. Happy Father's Day, Courty B!

Source: Twitter